The goal of BigEEG Consortiumâ„¢ is to promote and facilitate large-scale analysis (e.g. meta-study) of EEG and other data modalities related to real-world neuroimaging. This is implemented through developing standards and tools for event tagging and meta-data encapsulation, along with providing publicly available standardized data. Click on the image below to see a clickable map of BigEEG Workflow:

BigEEG Workflow

Standards and Tools

Currently, there are two major standards being promoted by the consortium:

Hierarchical Event Descriptor (HED) tags

For describing experimental and real-world events. For more information please visit www.hedtags.org

EEG Experiment Schema (ESS)

For encapsulating EEG study meta-data. For more information please visit www.eegstudy.org

For list of studies currently available in ESS format please visit: www.studycatalog.org

In addition to these, we have released a standard EEG pre-processing toolbox for noisy channel detection and robust referencing, called PREP: http://vislab.github.io/EEG-Clean-Tools/


BigEEG development is supported by The Cognition and Neuroergonomics Collaborative Technology Alliance (CaN CTA) program of U.S Army Research Laboratory (ARL).